dog in front of Christmas tree

Santa's checking his list, checking it twice. Will he say Fitz is naughty or nice?

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The Wonderful Winter Edition of Holiday Good Pets

The weather outside may be frightful, but these four-legged friends are delightful.

Deck the halls with dog biscuits and cat toys. The holidays are here — and so are more Good Pets. Check it out.


This charming 3-year-old cover dog  hopes to stay off the naughty list this season. Treats, toys and lots of puppy kisses are on his wish list. So is finally catching the neighborhood squirrel.
Heather Hall/Birmingham, Alabama

dog photo


Bella was rescued from the streets, where she was discovered with a broken tail. She’s now a loving dog at her forever home. Though she can’t hear, her sense of smell can pick up anything from a mile away – especially treats and bacon and eggs from Granddad. She’s part of a happy family, sharing the house with fellow Good Pets Kiwi and Ranger.
Sabrina Ray/Gadsden, Alabama

cat photo


The holiday means presents and a great hideout spot under the Christmas tree for this cool cat.
Cameron Tuck/Knoxville, Tennessee

dog with Santa hat


He’s big, goofy and loves giving kisses and cuddling with everyone. He also listens intently, especially if a treat is at stake. He’s looking forward to a stocking full of peanut butter, carrots, and yogurt.
Viviana Valenzuela/Birmingham, Alabama

dog in front of Christmas tree


Originally purchased at a co-op, Izzy was given up for his adoption when the family’s toddler didn’t want a dog. Now age 15, this Schnauzer had no trouble adjusting to life with the McSwains, and provides joy on a daily basis.
Michael McSwain/Hoover, Alabama

two dogs with Santa


When the children left the nest, the two Huskies above moved in. They are special members of the family because they provide love and joy each day with great personality.
Carolyn Zinn/Sarasota, Florida

dog in front of Christmas tree


This 5-year-old Boston Terrier can destroy any Christmas present in less than an hour – that’s how excited he gets this time of the year. He also likes to sleep on his back, with his legs raised in the air, as he snores. For dog lovers, that’s pretty adorable, too.
Kiersten Modglin/Marion, Illinois

dog with man


Another Boston Terrier, 2-year-old Bear has a love/hate relationship with his “favorite” Christmas socks. Rescued at 10 weeks old, he tolerated them for this photo. When not celebrating the holidays in style, he enjoys chasing squirrels, lizards and his boxer-mix brother, Grizzly.
Audrey Kuhn/Gulf Breeze, Florida




This feline loves to chill while waiting for the big man in the red suit to scurry down the chimney.
Adam McDuffie/Hayden, Alabama

two dogs in front of Christmas tree


Max, the Albino, and Sparty are Doberman Pinschers who are brothers from the same mother’s litter. They turn 3 this Christmas, and they’ll celebrate with their family. Yes, they look like they can be ferocious, but they’re gentle and fun loving to everyone.
Ana Cureton/Hoover, Alabama

two dogs

Rucker, the Lab, and Athena, a Rotweiler, wait patiently for a piece of cheese before they get busy helping their canine sibling Santa Joe-Joe (a mini-Dachshund) make holiday rounds.
Vicki Faucett/Trussville, Alabama



Part of a litter of seven pups in 2011, Maxx was rescued when he was the only pup left behind by owners leaving town. From the day he joined his new family, this Bulldog-Lab mix never met a human he didn’t like. As you can see from the photo, he also likes to talk. We got him to freeze for a second saying, “Merry Christmas to all.”
Sharon Grimm/Panama City, Florida

dogs with Santa and elvesTROOPER, TOBY AND TEDDY

These three Welsh Corgis (above) love the holidays because it’s a time for visitors bearing great treats. They’re constantly around the Christmas tree, sniffing for the undiscovered treats that must wait until the 25th.
Tim Carter/Hoover, Alabama

dog in front of Christmas treeARTHUR

Our photo showed how this handsome rescue celebrated his first family Christmas in 2016. A one-time stray, Arthur became attached to his favorite cold-weather blanket, although a Green Bay Packers’ throw temporarily distracts him when it’s time for laundry.
Amy Osborne/Bloomington, Indiana

dogs in front of Christmas treeGRACE, LOU AND RILEY

Oh, and don’t forget Paislee and Bones! This quintet of adorableness posed together last Christmas. Their cuteness is surpassed only by their patience.
Kelsey Cockrell/Granite City, Illinois



Snowball’s favorite pastimes include sleeping, running the neighborhood watch program, playing with (and annoying) his sister, hopping around the house like a bunny, and, of course, helping Santa.
Katie Padgett/Birmingham, Alabama

dog with Santa hatDARBY

This 11-year-old Chocolate Lab loves to be in the middle of holiday decorations and loves to be Santa’s helper at Christmas.
Jeff and Rachel Miller/Hoover, Alabama

dogdog in front of Christmas treeJACKIE AND JACK

Black-and-tan Jackie (top photo) was rescued just days from euthanizing at the animal shelter, and immediately made an impact at her new home. Jack, the Brindle basset hound mix, was adopted six months later and the twosome became best friends. Jack never begs for food, but he demands a daily cuddle.
Tara Bertrand/Ocala, Florida

dog in front of Christmas tree


This adorable 2-year-old Labradoodle rules the roost when she’s not in trouble for digging in the dirt and chasing chipmunks.
Deborah Pugatch/Gardendale, Alabama


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means good times are ahead for these three. Marley (Yorkie), JJ (Chihuahua) and Pete (a rescue mixed breed) work well as a team throughout the holidays. Marley and JJ love to sit in Santa’s lap, but Pete just sends his wish list to the North Pole. He doesn’t yet trust the big man in the red suit.
Emily Meredith/Bainbridge, Georgia


This adorable twosome can’t wait for Santa’s arrival this year. And we bet Santa can’t wait to see them.
William A. Jordan/Memphis, Tennessee

bearded dragon in Christmas treeZOE

Leapin’ Lizards! This bearded dragon is full of personality and loves to explore and watch TV. She also loves to help decorate the tree and doesn’t mind playing the role of a Christmas ornament.
Sharra Clark/Pensacola, Florida

dog in front of Christmas treeLEVON

A Lab/Brittany mix, Levon is on Santa’s nice list once again. He knows a new can of tennis balls will soon be under the tree.
Scott Greer/Birmingham, Alabama



Rescued from the Lake Martin Animal Shelter 18 months ago, Sadie got to spend one holiday season in her new home. She was friendly, compliant and a people pleaser who loved to dress up. While she is no longer with us, thanks to this photo she won’t be forgotten.
Margaret Rudloff/Birmingham, Alabama



This mischievous cat was rescued as a 10-week-old kitten. Now 3 years of age, Hastings loves to help wrap – and then unwrap – Christmas gifts.
Stephanie Wires/Jasper, Alabama



A stray from L.A. (that’s Los Angeles, not Lower Alabama), Tiki hopped on a U-Haul in 2011 and headed East for a new life in Birmingham. When Christmas rolls around, Tiki knows how to chill like a true native of SoCal.
Lara Warren/Hoover, Alabama

dog in front of Christmas treeANGUS

Bells will be ringing come Christmas Day, and Angus will be there in front of the tree waiting for Santa’s arrival.
Charlotte Richard/Jonesborough, Tennessee

dog in front of Christmas tree


This Dachshund loves a big holiday gathering. Carlton expects 30 family members for Christmas and will greet each one with a bark and a tail wag – and expects plenty of attention in return.
Jennifer Jones/Nashville, Tennessee


Eddie has never met a stranger, especially during the holidays when this sweet dog can dress up for the occasion.
Heather Wilson/Alcoa, Tennessee


This regal English Mastiff doesn’t normally enjoy putting on the Ritz. Still, he allows mom to dress him up every December because he loves his family and he loves Santa’s visits.
Ryan Funderburk/Pensacola, Florida


This joyful rescue loves children, water and hanging out the other dogs in the neighborhood. Good luck catching this speed-of-light reindeer when he’s running around at the park.
Ken Phelps/Atlanta, Georgia


These two don’t sit still for long. But when it comes to posing for a Christmas card, they know it’s time to put their best paws forward.
Jeffrey Rogers/Atlanta, Georgia

dogs in front of fireplace


Gigi, Bella, Patton, Pooh and Lexi are their birth names, but they prefer their nicknames: Geegers, Bellaboozer, Pat Pat, Poozer and Fluff. By any name, they make Christmas morning memorable.
Brandy Sullivan/Hoover, Alabama

dog in front of Christmas treeBISHOP

A 12-year-old Boxer/German Shepherd mix, Bishop is like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for Santa to arrive with presents.
Jennifer Reed/Clarksville, Tennessee

dog in front of Christmas treeCOOPER

This adventurous, long-haired Dachshund never meets a stranger. Still, be warned. Come winter, every blanket in the house is his to use for warmth.
Rick Heaton/North Augusta, South Carolina


OK, Ember may not give everyone the warm and fuzzies, but, trust us. She loves getting festive at Christmas.
Jane Wheeler/Cape Coral, Florida



Lola loves Christmas and loves celebrating all holidays this time of year. She’s very adept at gift wrapping.
Courtney Moore/Birmingham, Alabama