Zoey's loyalties will always be with the team in Tallahassee.

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Team Spirit: Good Pets (Part 2)

Another installment of one of our favorite features as furry family members show off their love for their favorite team.


It has been a tough start for Florida State, but don’t blame Zoey. This 7-year-old Golden Retriever mix spends most of her days sleeping on soft surfaces and uses a Florida State pillow for comfort. She’s smart and she’s loyal, and she knows Jimbo Fisher and the Seminoles will get the season turned around.
Jane Tavakoli/Birmingham, Alabama


This Georgian is crazy about her Auburn Tigers. Every Saturday, she sports her orange-and-blue Auburn shirt to join her parents watching their favorite team. In fact, she loves visiting the Auburn campus but doesn’t understand the “no dogs allowed” rule at Jordan-Hare Stadium.
Loren Haley/Atlanta, Georgia


Jack was born in Mississippi and is a Rebel through and through. He always shows his team spirit with his Ole Miss bandana (Hotty Toddy, everyone). His coat may be yellow, but he bleeds red and blue.
Ashleigh Davis/Nashville, Tennessee


Her name is Marley Moo, but mom and dad call her MOTS (for Mouth of the South, of course). She’ll bark at anything and everything – except Nick Saban. This Yorkie knows more good things are coming in Tuscaloosa. Once upon a time, this cheerleader even had pom poms, but her siblings ate them. Actually, Marley Moo was relieved because they were for dad’s Florida Gators.
Emily Meredith/Bainbridge, Georgia



This LSU fan is not only super cute but super sweet with a personality twice the size of his little body. Most of all, this dog loves the Bengal Tigers. He likes to dress up for tailgates and visit campus. Once, he even visited the late Mike the Tiger and lived to tell the tale.
Rachel Masters/Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Rocky Top you’ll always be home sweet home to this sweet beagle mix that  mom acquired at a Wal-Mart, where a gentleman was giving him away. Buster was reared on the gospel of Tennessee football and Lady Vols basketball and loves wearing his bandana and shirt on game days.
Beth Cooper/Nashville, Tennessee


At 16, Caramel still doesn’t want to miss out on the action. If the family is watching TV or sitting around chatting after dinner, this Lab/St. Bernard mix is in the middle. Most of all she loves the University of Florida, where her human siblings attended school, and adores the colors orange and blue.
Miriam Campa/Miami, Florida

This MaltPom loves the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. She even wears a Titans dog collar, though you can rarely see it because of the hair. With Marcus Mariotta at the helm of the offense, Daisy believes this is Tennessee’s year.
Tim Rye/Clarksville, Tennessee


A dachshund mix, Lucy lives with her parents and her two German Shepard sibs, but she rules the roost. Although born in Florida, her heart belongs in the Big Ten with the Buckeyes of Ohio State.
Melissa Harris/Port Charlotte, Florida

Abandoned at birth with a litter of kittens, Ramona found her way to her future mom’s home, where she discovered food and plenty of love to go around for the entire litter. She now answers to two things: Her name and “Roll Tide.” Yes, she’s a Crimson Tide diehard.
Kathleen Kirkpatrick/Birmingham, Alabama

This adorable canine stays true to her school through good times and bad. Bailey is, truly, a Vol For Life.
Stephanie Hill/Memphis, Tennessee

True, Gary lacks fur, but he has an advantage over our other Good Pets: His body matches the color of his favorite team, the NFL’s New York Jets. At home, he’s simply known as “The Green Machine.”
Robert Regan/Tampa, Florida


A mix breed with a pure heart, Sparky is sweet and very friendly (although he’s a little freaked out by thunder). A rescue pet, Sparky is his family’s favorite companion. He’s also a soccer fan and loves the Colombian national team most of all. Goal!
Erica Orozco/Riverview, Florida

Stay tuned! We have one more installments of Team Spirit: Good Pets coming this way soon.