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    An Unending Salute

    Steve Beres, Manager of Service Members and Veterans Affairs, receives the Better Life Award for keeping armed forces top of mind.

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    Steering the Way

    Ty Sanders, a Government and Institutional Banker in Dallas, receives the Better Life Award for sharing wisdom and supporting learning.

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    Shaping Young Minds

    Diann Jackson, a Programmer Analyst in Birmingham, receives Regions’ Better Life Award for helping children compete to win.

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    Kolors of Kindness

    Kelly Tucker, Commercial Relationship Manager in Jackson, Mississippi, receives the August Better Life Award for honoring pediatric cancer patients.

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    Service In Action

    Anne Silvestri, a corporate banker in St. Louis, receives the Regions Better Life Award for meeting special needs for her family, customers and community.

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    A Scout’s Honor

    Rob Lindsey, a Financial Wellness Program Manager in Tampa, receives the Better Life Award for planting seeds of character in today’s youth.

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    Early and Often

    Codie LaPorte, Wealth Advisor in Baton Rouge, receives the May Better Life Award for being an advocate for childhood speech and hearing intervention.