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Loaning Financial Skills to The World Games

From corporate finance to World Games CFO, Regions Bank’s Josh Bryant has spent the last two years serving a bigger purpose.

It all started in January 2020 – and it’s been an adventure ever since. But not because of the global pandemic.

This journey is of a global nature, though.

Josh Bryant has worked in corporate finance for nearly two decades. He has been at Regions since 2013, serving as the funds transfer pricing and relationship profitability manager. Just over two years ago, he began serving the world, as the Chief Financial Officer for The World Games 2022.

“I’m responsible for all financial operations of The World Games, so I’m managing a $61 million budget across all aspects of the operation, and as part of that, I am also overseeing risk management,” Bryant said. “Being responsible for ensuring an organization that is conducting an event across more than a dozen venues with around 3,600 athletes from more than 100 countries has been quite an adventure, but it’s been really fun, and I love doing it.”

Bryant is a loaned executive to The World Games, bringing his passion for finance to this international sports event held every four years in the year following the Summer Olympics. He has been an integral part of this major undertaking coming together. That’s meant 12+ hour days, seven days a week, recently. But Bryant says nothing good comes without hard work.

These games are the first opportunity for everyone across the globe to come together for a global sporting event with fans since the pandemic began.
Josh Bryant, transfer pricing and relationship profitability manager Regions Bank

“It’s been good to see now – finally – all of the work we’ve been doing over the past two years, everyone is really starting to see the fruits of that labor,” Bryant shared. “It’s also exciting because I just don’t think people are really prepared for how big this really is. But as we inch closer, more will understand that this truly is a massive opportunity.”

This opportunity did come with a delay, as the games were initially to be held in the summer of 2021. While this did mean an additional 12 months of operating budget had to be found, Bryant says that extra bit of time did bring some positives.

“It not only gave us more time to plan and think of things, it also allowed us to see the completion of extra venues that wouldn’t have been available in 2021, including City Walk BHAM, home of the Regions World Games Plaza,” Bryant said. “These games are the first opportunity for everyone across the globe to come together for a global sporting event with fans since the pandemic began. It’s getting a lot of traction internationally from folks who want to attend. It’s going to be really, really cool.”

The games themselves range from the ones you know – like softball, lacrosse and gymnastics – to the games you might not know – like korfball or lyonnaise. Bryant’s favorite, archery, will also be played.

“To be here representing my company that I love and that I know loves Birmingham and loves Alabama, is an honor and I take it very seriously in what I do every day,” Bryant said. “I’m excited to be able to share it with all of my fellow associates. It’ll really be a blast and I look forward to everyone coming and seeing what we’ve done.”

The adventure for all begins July 7. Check www.doingmoretoday.com frequently for more updates and information on The World Games.