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A Message from John Turner on Regions’ Commitment to Racial Equity

President and CEO of Regions Financial Corp. discusses our work to address racial injustice and inequality.

Over the past number of weeks, our country has experienced a series of racial injustices that have profoundly affected us as individuals and our communities as a whole – tragic incidents that have created urgent and necessary calls for racial equity and justice, not just across the nation but around the world. The underlying factors that have led to this reaction have been around for much too long, but the scale of the response is unlike any we’ve seen before.

It is heartbreaking to see the persistent, devastating consequences of systemic prejudice and social injustice. We cannot continue to tolerate the racism, bias and violence that people of color face daily. It is also clear that there must be reforms in the way law enforcement and the justice system operate.

For Regions, these are issues that literally hit home. Birmingham, the city of our headquarters, has been at the center of the Civil Rights Movement for more than a half century. I want you to know that I am personally committed to being part of the solution, and our company is, too. Working together, we have made great strides at Regions by strengthening our focus on diversity and inclusion. We have fostered meaningful conversations about culture and heritage, and we have been hosting a series of discussions on race throughout our markets that will continue to accelerate our dialogue for change.

We recognize that, in the communities we serve, all groups have not shared equally in the economic prosperity of our nation. In 2018, we decided to focus our Community Investment efforts on promoting more inclusive prosperity. We formed dedicated teams to work across communities and direct resources to areas where they are needed most. We have taken an intentional and deliberate approach to invest in, and serve, communities of color. Our plans include growing our existing relationships with organizations such as the National Urban League, Inner City Capital Connections, Operation Hope and Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Regions Bank and the nonprofit Regions Foundation also have provided significant financial and volunteer support to cultural organizations including the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and others. To promote community dialogue and recognize important Black leaders, we will continue sponsoring events such as History in Motion and the Regions Riding Forward Scholarship.

I want you to know that I am personally committed to being part of the solution, and our company is, too.
John Turner, President & CEO, Regions Financial Corp.

While I’m proud of the efforts we have made, recent events remind us that much more work must be done – and we are prepared to do more. In addition to initiatives currently underway, over the next few weeks, we will hold a series of listening sessions with associates across our service areas to hear their own ideas on how Regions can best demonstrate our commitment to racial equity. We will use these perspectives to shape our future actions both inside our organization and in the communities we serve.

As you read this message, I hope you will see recent events, as difficult as they are, as an opportunity to start new dialogues, to listen and to learn. While we may not have all the answers, we know the path forward requires willingness to listen and courage and compassion for each other. Thank you in advance for your support.

-John Turner, Regions President and CEO