New Year's Ecards

Celebrate New Year's With Free Ecards

Bowl games and resolutions, parades and plunges, this is how we celebrate another trip around the sun.

It’s a fresh start. A second chance. A time to turn over a new leaf – with resolutions and resolve for change.

Happy New Year!

Jan. 1 is the first day of the modern calendar. Across the U.S., it marks a new beginning, full of college football bowl games, great meals and good times with family and friends.

First established in the final century B.C., New Year’s Day became the European standard by the start of the 16th Century.

Now, it’s a celebration that begins with New Year’s Eve, where we say goodbye to the old year. As college football became popular, Jan. 1 became the biggest day in the sport with bowl games played from Pasadena to Miami. Which makes casual fans wonder why the biggest games today – the College Football Playoff – are often played a day before. But, hey, let’s not quibble.

Other traditions include New Year’s Day parades and Polar Bear Plunges. Each year, the Vienna Philharmonic kicks off the season with a New Year’s Day performance. For the last decade, the U.S. National Park System has hosted free First Day Hikes. What better way to get the blood flowing for another trip around the sun?

Don’t worry. We’ve also got the traditional Chinese New Year covered with ecards. The Lunar New Year will next be celebrated on Feb. 1.

No matter how you commemorate the day, may this new year be your best yet. Send a free Happy New Year ecard.