Trinity Griffin
Category: 2023 College Winner

Trinity Griffin

I peek out of the tiny oval glass as I sit in the best seat on the plane, the window seat. I see bright blue skies and angelic clouds that look as though they are spread out marshmallows, following wherever the plane goes. The atmosphere up here is different from the atmosphere on the ground. Everything is calmer. All I see is open space where possibilities are endless. The washed out noise I hear from my “airplane ears” takes away any worries I have.

Throughout my life I have been searching for something that made me feel as excited as flying in a plane, and it was not until I got involved in an aviation program that I was able to do so. No one in my family is a pilot or knows the aspects and expectations of being one, so I decided that it was time for me to research potential role models to keep me motivated in becoming a pilot.

During the process one person that jumped out at me was Mae Jemison. She not only enjoyed being in the clouds but even farther, space. She was the first African American female astronaut. Like Jemison I am the youngest in my family and, like her, from a young age I grew passionate about certain subjects that males tend to gravitate towards. While hers were science and astronomy, mines are math and physics.

Being able to have a strong female role model like Jemison gives me the persistence to continue, even when I feel overwhelmed in a sea of men. What interest me most about her is how she accomplished so much in her life: she attended Stanford at age 16, was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Art in African American studied, received a Medical Doctorate from Cornell, while in medical school she led a study in Cuba for the American Medical Student Association and eventually became an astronaut.

Not only was Jemison a star in the classroom, but she made it her responsibility to help those around her. I was elected to be the Vice President of the Delaware local Women In Aviation Chapter as a freshman. In my role, I have coordinated activities to get young girls involved in aviation at an early age. As I continue to learn and grow in this field I plan to engage as many girls and young women as I can.

I am currently hold my private pilot license and have received my instrument rating. I am working toward my commercial license. Mae’s ability to not limit herself with the expectations and assumptions of other allowed her to reach new heights. My goals is not to be mentioned in history books like her, but rather to emulate her vast accomplishments. More than that she inspires people to be who they are, as that is what she says will make you successful. I am Trinity Griffin and I am a pilot.