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‘The Best of the Best’

Powered by People: Corporate Security, with experience protecting presidents, keeps Regions customers and associates safe 24/7.

For 25 years, Don White served U.S. presidents and dealt with stopping criminals in their tracks before leaving his post as the Deputy Assistant Director of the Secret Service.

“My main jurisdiction was providing protection for the President, but I also spent 11 years doing criminal investigation. A tremendous amount of that focused on everything ranging from identity theft to credit-card fraud to tax-income fraud, and running the federal investigations into criminal activity,” White said.

At Regions Bank, White heads the 134-member team of Corporate Security where the stakes remain high and the fun is had in keeping everyone safe.

Instead of protecting presidents, his team is responsible for keeping everyone connected to Regions out of harm’s way.

“Things like fraud, elder abuse, workplace violence and identity theft, those are among the things that keep us on point,” White said. “We are very concerned about the safety of our customers, our associates and our properties every day.”

Regions’ Corporate Security team is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Combined, they have close to 1,200 years of experience.

And the experience comes from an array of professions: district and U.S. attorneys, former DEA, FBI and IRS agents, and former leaders from local, county and state police departments across the 15 states Regions serves.

“These are the best of the best. I sleep very well at night knowing we have a very dedicated team of specialists, investigators and managers who are elite at what they do, and we rely on them every day for their subject-matter expertise.”

The people who power Corporate Security must stay on top of their game because the rules change by the minute even as technology makes life – and banking – easier.

“Fraud is the biggest challenge we face today,” White said. “So we’re out there preventing, mitigating and reducing fraud while dealing with the complexity of crimes today. The same avenues that are being provided to our value customers, criminals are working to exploit them. They can move money in a minute.

“That keeps us very busy.”

It’s fun. It’s challenging.

And the job of Corporate Security is all about keeping Regions’ customers and associates safe.