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5 Great Ways to Volunteer Now

Sometimes the best ideas are right under your nose.

There is nothing more rewarding than giving your time to enrich the lives of others. So, what are you waiting for? You’d be amazed at the opportunities that are right under your nose every day.

Here are some suggestions, courtesy of AARP:

1. Involve your kids and grandkids

Start a school supply drive. Honestly, do you know a school that doesn’t have the need? Organize a cleanup on school grounds or at a local landmark. Take children to visit seniors and watch faces from different generations light up.

2. Help the seniors in your community

Your options are unlimited. For example, rake leaves or cut the grass for a neighbor or offer to repaint a room and move furniture. Even share a meal. Create a community beautification project that everyone can work on together.

3. Do good right at home

Bake goodies for neighbors. Get crafty and make visitor kits for senior center residents or holiday decorations for people on your block. Check in with seniors living alone and see if they need assistance with anything. Develop a phone list and check on your neighbors now and then – it makes a difference.

4. Don’t forget your four-legged friends

Find your nearest animal shelter and volunteer to walk the dogs or play with the cats. Would you consider fostering a pet? It’s not a long-term commitment, but it provides calm and security for a pet awaiting adoption. Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog or offer to check in on a pet when a family goes out of town.

5. Give to veterans and military families

Go in with friends and arrange to cook a meal a week or gather groceries for a family in need. Offer something extra, like an errand or take care of carpool one day to ease someone’s burdens.

Source: AARP/Create the Good