Our final Good Pet cover dog, Wallace, brings our holiday edition to a close.

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The Wonderful Winter Edition of Holiday Pets: Part 3

The holidays keep rolling with more Good Pets. Have you seen your favorite yet?

We offer our final addition of Holiday Good Pets today. We hope you have enjoyed this run of mostly furry friends. Don’t forget, you can also go back and look through Part 1 and Part 2.

Wallace welcomes all Christmas visitors with his endless charm, greeting with a warm tongue to the face or showing off his athletic ability. He’s always the life of the party.
Dan Sutton/Birmingham, Alabama

There’s nowhere Lili would rather be than under the Christmas Tree, where she dreams of bones, treats and squeaky toys. She also likes to sneak ornaments off the limbs to play with.
Gale Blackstock/Birmingham, Alabama

A long-haired mini Dachshund Perle helps everyone get into the Christmas spirit. At 8 months old, she’s full of spunk and love.
Katrina Miele/Hoover, Alabama

Roo is one lazy hound, as any good hound should be. He loves helping his pawrents decorate for the holiday and loves to sniff out gift bags. Best wrap those boxes to keep him from snooping.
Jordan Galey/Jackson, Tennessee

A black lab, Roscoe shared his home with Tommy. Both were rescue dogs and brought personality and endless love to the family. This will be the first Christmas without Roscoe, so keep Tommy and the Fusillos in your thoughts this holiday.
Melissa Fusillo/Largo, Florida


Meet Stone. See the holiday outfit his older human sister picked out. Stone, you’ve got some growing to do to fit into that.
Stephanie Sills/Alabaster, Alabama

Iton, age 1, is Clara Louise’s baby. They want to wish you a merry Doodles Christmas.
Kim Wilson/Fort Smith, Arkansas

A 3-year-old Pomeranian, Sophie is sweet, personable and greets everyone with a kiss. Oh, and she loves to stay warm and festive.
Denise Cook/Granite City, Illinois

This 13-year-old had knee surgery, but was running and jumping the very next day. He has spunk, vigor and resilience.
Kimberly Welsh/North Port, Florida

We talk about rescues, but this is a case where Faith was the rescuer. She arrived at a difficult time and immediately filled the house with joy.
Jennifer Frazier/Grenada, Mississippi

Kadibug has been a sweetheart all year. But should Santa forget what she wants, we have a hint: squeaky tennis balls are her favorite.
Mary Higginbotham/Hoover, Alabama

Patton sends holiday cheer and a “Roll Tide!” for Bama fans come Jan. 1.
Brandy Sullivan/Hoover, Alabama

Ladybug loves sitting and posing in her Santa hat near the Christmas tree. She loves the excitement of the season and offers sweet kisses when family visits.
Debbie Streets/Maylene, Alabama

Tippy loves sharing the house with canine BFF Ollie, especially this time of year.
Brittany West/Knoxville, Tennessee

Meet Xerses, Lillie, Khya and Sphinx, who love taking their photo with Santa.
Rachel Gartman/Starkville, Mississippi

This rescued Bloodhound just turned 2. She lives to pull ornaments from the tree in exchange for dog bones. We call her the Negotiator.
Kim Hone/Melbourne, Florida

This 5-year-old English Mastiff is ready for a Music City holiday.
Katherine Collins/Nashville, Tennessee

An 11-month-old Boston, Negan is full of energy and loves to cuddle. His first Christmas season has left him fascinated by the tree and the lights, but he’s not sure what to make of the inflatable snowman in the front yard.
Alicia McLemore/West Monroe, Louisiana

Mr. DeMille, Big Tucker and little Belle are ready for their close-ups. They became fast friends the moment they met, but were actually raised apart. See, both were found abandoned in dumpsters as puppies with each rescued by a different parent. Making the story even sweeter, their humans soon started dating and became man and wife, bringing Tucker and Belle together.
Loren Haley/Atlanta, Georgia

A Siberian Husky, Dante loves the cool weather Christmas brings. He’s also a big people puppy. Here he is telling Santa what he wants for Christmas.
Brian Kiker/Birmingham, Alabama

Adopted a year ago, Milo has become a big part of the family. He likes to go on bike rides and take long runs on the beach (seriously). He thinks he’s part human and even helps with chores around the house, like picking up stray shoes and putting them in the closet.
Lucrecia Bruno/Pembroke Pines, Florida

This adorable canine is ready to trim the tree. Anyone need any help?
Nilofer Dhani/Peachtree City, Georgia

Bah, humbug! Bill the Cat is in no mood for Christmas festivities – can’t you tell? A 4-year-old rescue, he tolerates playing dress up for the chance to relax in a comfy chair.
April Harris/Dallas, Georgia

Tillie and Annie love sitting for the photo, which is used for the holiday card sent to family and friends.
Belinda Mizell/Tallahassee, Florida

These exquisite Greyhounds are filled with the Christmas spirit and love to snuggle.
Brooke Doane/Montgomery, Alabama

Few dogs can pull off the Christmas sweater like ol’ Duke.
Judy Green/Benton, Arkansas

Katie loves everything about Christmas – especially opening presents.
Shannon Rodgers/Birmingham, Alabama

We think this Grinch just stole Christmas. The irony is whether she has a little coloring added or is natural, she’s a sweetheart.
Angie Witt/Pensacola, Florida

Mom drove nine hours to claim Sydney from Louisiana Boxer Rescue in 2012. Now 8, Sydney’s favorite hobbies include licking human faces, not catching treats well, zooming around the yard, bossing a pit bull brother around and sleeping. She’s a sweet little diva.
Erin Breaux/Mandeville, Louisiana

A 5-year-old Poodle mix rescue, this is how Bailey is all dressed for his first Christmas at his new home.
Kathy Day/Shreveport, Louisiana

Wally was rescued from the Ark of Cleveland (Tennessee) Shelter nearly four years ago. Now approaching 8, he is a loving member of the family who loves kisses and wearing different sweaters in the winter.
Cheryl Thayer/Kingston, Tennessee

Bella, the Border Collie mix, and Australian Shepherd Sasha love chatting with Santa. This photo was at a recent Flyball Tournament. Bellas has been competing for years and Sasha, adopted in May, is training for competition now.
Kim Winsett/Hoover, Alabama

Stella Grace loves being one of Santa’s helpers as much as she loves being a 65-pound lap dog.
Tyler Stewart/Hoover, Alabama

A 1-year-old Labrador Retriever, Clyde listens intently. When Mom tells him to look with his eyes, not with his hands, he meets in the middle and explores the ornament with his mouth.
Sara Sport/Hoover, Alabama

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Reina. She loves getting dressed up for photo shoots and dancing to holiday music. But the best part? Eating leftovers from Christmas dinner.
Samantha Murad/Ormond Beach, Florida

This is Bella Girl in her Christmas sweater, which reads, “Dear Santa, define good.” It’s a fitting phrase from this feline who loves to test gravity each and every day.
Sarah Mosley/Pensacola, Florida