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Good Pets: Summertime Fun

There’s no better way to enjoy the season than a little time outdoors with your favorite four-legged (or feathered) friend.

The dog days of summer are here, thankfully.

Yes, we know, it took long enough. Frankly, we were inundated with cute photos. We asked for your best Good Pets pics celebrating the season, and you responded with more than 700 submissions in all. In the galleries ahead, you’ll see we did our best to complete an impossible task – reflect as many wonderful photos as we can showing our four-legged (and feathered) friends enjoying the summer season.

So get ready for cuteness galore with some of the best dog, cat, goat, chicken and horse photos you’ve seen.

And thanks to all of you for the tremendous choices.

Pet: Ara / Human: Tayler Kellum / Hattiesburg, Mississippi / 1-year-old Ara is enjoying her first summer with her humans. She especially loves road trips in the car.
Pet: Niklaus / Human: Gloria Moskal / Gainesville, Florida / It’s pool time! And Niklaus leads the way with his friends on a summer day.
Pet: Dottie / Human: Cindy Bullard / Somerville, Tennessee / This 4-year-old Chiweenie loves the pool life.
Pet: Rollie Pollie / Human: Katana McCoy / Nashville, Tennessee / She loves car rides, beautiful parks and a day of sunshine at Centennial Park’s The Parthenon.
Pet: Gilligan / Human: Sandi Cox / Ft. Myers, Florida / This African Grey Parrot loves to pilot his boat, aptly named “Gilligan’s Island.” This is no normal three-hour tour.
Pet: Belle / Human: Vicki Faucett / Trussville, Alabama / When it comes to summer cool, Belle sets the standard.
Pet: Oreo / Human: Elizabeth Montgomery / Lake Village, Arkansas / This goat with the bewitching gaze loves summer because it means fresh grass for dinner.
Pet: Radley / Human: Taylor Bennett / Birmingham, Alabama / Boo! Radley’s first summer has been a flurry of activity learning how to swim and catch tennis balls.
Pet: Teddi and Holly / Human: Sharon Rogers / Gardendale, Alabama / On Wet Nose Wednesday at Regions Field, Teddi and Holly are ready to catch a home run.
Pets: Barley and Peyton / Human: Christy Funchess / Birmingham, Alabama / Bailey (the Goldendoodle on the left) and Peyton headed home from Pensacola Beach wet, sandy and full of beach memories.