It's spring, which means Hailey is running sprints in her backyard.

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Good Pets: Spring Has Sprung

Blue skies and warmer weather mean that spring is here -- and it's time to get moving!

They’re back.

Just in time for spring, our Good Pets feature returns with the first of multiple galleries. Take a few minutes to put a smile on your face with these adorable furry (and feathered!) friends.

Hailey, our first cover dog of the season, got a running start on spring. The weather means it’s the perfect time to run through the yard and play with the water hose.
Jennifer Roberts/Titusville, Florida

Samantha, or “Sam” for short, is a community pet. The bait shop at the Gulf Shores pier is named after this popular pelican, which first showed up following the BP oil spill. It’s believed that she was a rescue. Now she’s a regular with fishermen, and is particularly fond of photo ops, white trout and a quiet place to roost. (Don’t tell anyone, but she prefers people over her feathered peers).
Tim Deighton/Chelsea, Alabama

Welcome to your first spring, Baby Cooper. This is the precious puppy at only a week old.
Brittney Frakes/Terre Haute, Indiana

Enough with the leaves! Bella is ready for warmer weather and longer days full of fetching Frisbees, hiking mountain trails and eating doggie ice cream at Birmingham’s Pepper Place Market.
James Beene/Hoover, Alabama

This cool cat loves helping mommy do jigsaw puzzles.
Rhonda Williamson/Hoover, Alabama

It’s time for this lovable pup to hit the water. Cooper is primed for spring, especially when it means cruising the water in a boat.
Sabrina Sullins/Munford, Tennessee

Ol’ Griz is ready for some sun, leading to a leap in the lake. He loves to swim. With this setting, can you blame him?
Jonathan Feeback/Hoover, Alabama

The spring season means it’s time for Lola to bask in the sunshine and do some bird watching from her favorite patio chair.
Courtney Moore/Birmingham, Alabama

This pugnacious duo loves the season because the weather is perfect for early morning strolls on the beach, afternoon sunbathing and night-time trips to the ballpark.
Jennifer Francia/Saraland, Alabama

Hey, where are the auditions for the latest Regions commercial taking place? This goat has star potential, with charisma and style from horn to hoof. He’s 10 years old today, and was first adopted as a 3-day-old.
Beverly Deaderick/Jonesborough, Tennessee

Bring on the spring! Sophie loves bright spring colors, new bows and baseball, to boot. She’s as big a St. Louis Cardinals fan as you’ll find.
Denise Cook/Granite City, Illinois

This Corgi trio loves swinging on the patio, waiting for treats. They’re also good with a run to the dog park, where they always seem to find a mud hole to use for an impromptu bath.
Tim Carter/Hoover, Alabama