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A Financial Fitness Focus in 2018

Three simple questions can start you on the right track in the new year.

Ready to take control of your financial future? We can help.

Our newest Powered By People video provides help with common concerns, including money management and retirement. Our experts also discuss the value of credit scores on economic health.

Hopefully, the simple questions in the video will motivate you to think about your financial future in 2018. As always, Regions’ associates can assist.

It’s all a part of Financial Fitness Fridays. Each Friday during January, various Regions branches across the Southeast, Midwest and Texas will host in-person events offering financial checkups and in-person financial education for customers and non-customers alike. Regions bankers are always available to help people develop their own financial roadmap toward accomplishing their personal objectives. Look to @RegionsBank on Twitter and to see more benefits of conducting a fresh financial review.

“This is the sixth year we’ve offered Financial Fitness Fridays, and while we continue to find new ways to share financial education, our goals remain the same: to help people learn how to save more, spend smarter and plan for the future,” said Rick Swagler, head of External Affairs for Regions Bank. “Simple habits can help your money grow. Our bankers have insight on how to make a spending plan – and stick to it. Through Financial Fitness Fridays, Regions connects with people online and one-on-one to deliver the types of information that can make a meaningful difference.”

Financial Fitness Fridays always takes place during January; it’s when many people are rebuilding accounts after the holidays or carrying out New Year’s resolutions to save more money. However, Regions’ commitment to financial education is year-round.

Consider these resources:

  • The Insights section of is constantly updated with informative content for everyone from students to retirees to people who are somewhere in between.
  • The Insights section also has information for people going through financial hardships or preparing to buy a car or a home.
  • Regions is expanding its partnership with the nonprofit Operation HOPE to support more financial empowerment centers that provide free financial counseling, homeownership help and small-business support for surrounding community members.
  • Regions works with the nonprofit Inner City Capital Connections to deliver highly customized financial education for small-business owners in urban or economically underserved areas.
  • Regions supports a variety of financial education opportunities for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
  • Regions also shares financial education with college students and student-athletes to help them prepare for financial independence in the years to come.
  • Each year, Regions offers tens of thousands of Regions at Work financial education presentations at businesses throughout the communities Regions serves.

Take control. And let us help. There’s no better time than now to get financially fit.