U.S. service members protect us at home and abroad, making the world safer one day at a time, often at great sacrifice.

Regions works closely with active military, veterans and their families throughout the year. But throughout the month of November, our attention is laser focused with advice, guidance and education.

Here are a few examples:

  • Preparing for deployment – Steps a family can take as deployment nears, from ensuring power of attorney to budgeting to updating policies.
  • Returning home – Helping with the transition after deployment to make life smoother for service members, spouses and families.
  • Protecting assets – As they defend the nation, someone must help defend at home.
  • Saving during deployment – We offer 5 tips to build a nest egg.

Help comes in other forms and fashion.

For those leaving the military, Regions actively recruits veterans and helps in career searches, and works with partners who protect veterans after they serve. Meanwhile, our associates give their money and time to make a difference through programs including Lima Foxtrot, and fundraising efforts to make these programs more robust.

And if you really want to show appreciation, send a Veteran’s Day E-Card. There’s no easier way to say thank you for your service.