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90 Seconds from TEDx Birmingham 2017

Take a moment to explore the possibility from some of this year’s speakers and attendees.

TEDx Birmingham 2017, held March 25 at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center on the UAB campus, focused on possibility. We’d love to share with you some of the highlights of the day-long event:

90 SECONDS FROM TEDx WITH DR. JAYME LOCKE — A transplant surgeon at UAB, Dr. Lock notes that 100,000 people await kidney transplants in the United States each year. Her solution, offered at TEDx Birmingham 2017, was ground-breaking: The creation of a single living kidney donor exchange that would optimize donations throughout the country.

90 SECONDS FROM TEDx WITH DR. JULIAN MAHA — An emergency medical doctor and co-founder of KultureCity, “the world’s fastest growing non-profit,” in response to his son’s autism. At TEDxBirmingham 2017, Maha talked about looking beyond disabilities, which starts with accessibility. “Look beyond the visible to the invisible,” and learn to accept differences.

90 SECONDS FROM TEDx WITH ANNE WRIGHT — The executive director of the Firehouse Shelter in Birmingham, social activist Anne Wright talked at TEDx Birmingham 2017 about relating better to those who are marginalized. Firehouse serves over 500 homeless men, women and children every year, according to Wright. “All feelings, whether they are positive or negative can be useful.” The challenge is learning to channel those feelings to help those who are struggling.

90 SECONDS FROM TEDx WITH JAVACIA HARRIS BOWSER — A teacher at the Alabama School for Fine Arts, Bowser is also the founder of See Jane Write, a membership organization for women who blog. Harris said she attends TEDx Birmingham every year to support friends and to find motivation. “I always leave so inspired and confident that I can do anything that I want to do.”

90 SECONDS FROM TEDx WITH NICOLE BEACHUM — Beachum is the managing partner at Uptick Marketing and a regular attendee at TEDx Birmingham, having followed the TEDx movement since college. “Being a part of a city that has TED going on, I hope that more people find out about TEDx Birmingham, come and participate. Because we learn what you can do to take steps to better not only the Birmingham community, but the world in general.”