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5 Steps to Help Find College Scholarships

Whether a parent or student, finding the right fit means putting in a little work.

There are plenty of available scholarships out there, but a little digging can find the one that is the best fit.

  1. Look for Scholarships Before and During College – Did you know over half the scholarships that are available are designed for students already enrolled in college?
  2. Refine Your Search – A great resource, the Sallie Mae Scholarship Search, can help you find scholarships that best fit your interests and talents.
  3. Put in the Time – Put in the effort by following up on matches, filling out scholarship forms and crafting scholarship application essays.
  4. Stay Organized and Be Proactive – Don’t miss deadlines, and follow up with each organization to make certain your application was received.
  5. Stay on Your Toes – Be on the lookout for potential scholarship scams. For example, never pay money or fees for a scholarship.

Source: regions.com