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Three Hots and a Cot

Birmingham, Alabama

Three Hots was formed by veterans to help fellow vets get a second chance at life.

Three Hots was formed in February of 2009 by veterans to help veterans get a second chance at life. Starting with a six-bedroom house in Woodlawn, Three Hots And a Cot now has two centers and five independent houses.

Our main center is on Old Springville Road in Center Point, where we are able to house 13 veterans – with plans to increase capacity to 17 veterans. This is the beginning phase of their recovery. The VA sends them here because they are homeless, battling addiction or having family or legal problems. We help them obtain whatever is necessary to put them on the right path living independently.

We house both male and female veterans. And our doors never close.

The Mission

We will not seek to replace any other agency – nor will we be a “one stop – fix it all” shop.

The initiative of Three Hots and A Cot is to serve those who have served our country by attacking the challenge in four different ways – all coming together for the final goal: enabling the veteran to transition to a self-sustained lifestyle. Our program is new.

A part of this initiative is to also identify veterans who are in danger of becoming homeless. Through networking with social agencies, and faith-based and veterans’ organizations, we will identify these veterans. We will also keep the awareness of our services in front of the veteran population and local government agencies and begin case management to ensure this veteran does not become homeless.

What would you do with 100 volunteer hours and $5,000?

The most effective use of volunteer hours for us is to spend time with the veterans. Interaction with the outside community and showing them that someone truly cares about them is some of the best medicine they could receive. If we won the $5,000, the money would be put right back into the house. We are constantly doing what we can to upgrade the facility and make life better for the veterans.