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The Scott Center for Autism Treatment

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment

Melbourne, Florida

Parents and children across the globe come for the most advanced autism treatment methods available.

When Reece Scott was diagnosed with autism early in life, there was little information on how one could treat this condition. Through personal persistence and the help of his parents, great teachers and therapists, Reece was able to overcome many of the challenges of autism. As a result of their experience with their son, Ed and Cheryl Scott decided to fund the creation of the Scott Center for Autism Treatment in 2009. Today, parents and children from all over the world come to the center for the most advanced autism treatment methods available.

Our clinic is set apart for many reasons. The first is the diversity of programs we house in one building. Our combination of research, training, and treatment is unique to Florida. Also, the depth of our expertise is far different than other autism treatment providers. Because we are a training facility, the teams that are overseeing the treatment of a child include Registered Behavior Technicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and Ph.D.-level faculty.

The Mission

The Scott Center pursues a three-fold mission of clinical service, research, and training. The clinic is dedicated to applying research and high-quality treatment and training to improve the function and quality of life of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related disabilities.

What Would You Do with $5,000 and a Day of Service?

The $5,000 will allow us to purchase tablets for electronic, on-the-go data collection, which will improve data accuracy and quality of service. The money can also help us acquire new bicycles, helmets, and storage for outdoor playground equipment. Bicycles help children work on motor development, balance, and social skills like turn-taking.