Sadly, the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs reports that we are losing 20.6 veterans every day to suicide. But at the PTSD Foundation of America, we believe the actual daily suicide rate is higher — between 20 to 30 per day – because not every veteran is involved in a VA program. We have learned that there is a way to prevent veteran suicides, and the staff at The PTSD Foundation of America has successfully developed programs to stop this senseless loss of our returning heroes.

Want tangible proof? Visit Camp Hope.

The Camp Hope facility opened in 2012 and is in a quiet and safe setting in Houston, where veterans and their immediate family members can find healing, help and hope while benefitting from an intensive peer support and mentoring program for combat-related Post Traumatic Stress. In addition to temporary housing, Camp Hope offers a six-month program that begins with a one-month transition. During the transition, residents attend group lessons and support sessions with other combat veterans, conduct individual mentoring sessions with certified combat trauma mentors, participate in off-site small group interaction activities (such as fishing, camping, local activities and sporting events), and get involved with local churches, businesses and volunteer organizations to assist in their personal healing while educating the community on the invisible wounds of war.

This unique organization is saving veterans’ lives daily and returning them as functioning members of society. In 2018, we serviced 285 veterans living with PTSD, expanding the program’s reach into nine states and 14 cities. We welcome anyone to become a part of the solution to reduce the daily suicide rate.

The Mission

Our mission is to bring hope and healing to combat veterans and their families by bringing healing to our military community, raising awareness of the increasing needs and networking with government agencies, service organizations, churches and business — combining resources together to meet these needs.

What Would You Do with $5,000 and a Day of Service?

The $5,000 can cover a variety of different things in support of our veteran residents at our interim housing facility in Houston. That sizeable donation will pay for a month of professional counseling and lunch for 70 residents or can cover transportation and vehicle maintenance for an entire month.

And with Camp Hope’s five-acre campus, we have multiple projects that can be done by volunteers in a day.