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SmileFaith, Inc.

SmileFaith, Inc.

New Port Richey, Florida

SmileFaith Foundation was launched in 2009 and has been providing charitable dental care and life-changing resources for our underserved veterans and struggling residents.

Over a decade ago, Tom Lane, a former Navy chaplain, minister and successful entrepreneur, recognized the need of so many individuals suffering from the devastating effects of poor oral health. Tom and his wife, Chrissy, envisioned a way to recreate beautiful, new smiles and, at the same time, give people valuable tools for healthy living through targeted life coaching.

SmileFaith Foundation was launched in 2009 and has been providing charitable dental care, life-changing resources for our underserved Florida veterans, struggling residents of Tampa Bay, and the impoverished coal mining communities of Appalachia since its inception. It is through our wonderful volunteers that SmileFaith has been able to provide more than $12 million of charitable care, helping thousands.

Based in New Port Richey, our charitable programs – SmileFaith Veterans Dental Clinic and SmileFaith Veterans Mobile Unit – provide charitable dental services to our underserved veterans & communities throughout Florida. Our newest program, Smiles 4 Tampa Bay, is a community-based charitable program designed to help non-veterans in surrounding areas obtain dentures and partials.

We believe SmileFaith is the first charity of its kind in the United States. We provide Charitable Dental Care to our veterans who do not receive dental benefits through the VA.

In the past year, we’ve served 1,521 patients, equating to $787,660.00 in care. In return, we’ve watched our volunteers give selflessly of themselves to serve those less fortunate with enthusiasm, love and devotion.

The Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide charitable dental care and life coach counseling to underserved individuals. Since our beginning, we have provided 8,032 patients with charitable dental care, thanks to 1,934 volunteers.

What Would You Do with $5,000 and a Day of Service?

Those funds would be used to purchase the dental material required to restore as many smiles as possible to our veterans and community. The Day of Service would be spent doing just that  — serving those in desperate need of dental care through education and patient interaction.