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Military Community Connection

Military Community Connection

Charleston, South Carolina

MCC partners with agencies to streamline services and referrals for veterans.

Military Community Connection (MCC) is a nonprofit that serves veterans throughout the greater Charleston area.

Coordination of needs is the core component of MCC with housing and employment serving as major areas of focus. Male and female veterans alike are connected with clothing, job training, food and shelter. MCC has delivered invaluable assistance to the homeless population throughout the Charleston area for the past four years.

MCC helps ensure each veteran is provided with a road map for success. Veterans’ progress is monitored, and additional assistance is delivered as needed.┬áThe public purpose that MCC provides is paramount to assisting homeless veterans on the road to recovery and employment. MCC has gone above and beyond its charter to ensure veterans, often with families, receive the best service possible.

The Mission

The MCC mission is to unite the veteran population and local community by streamlining coordination of care through a collective impact model, facilitating partnerships between community service providers and veterans to deliver the highest standard of holistic care. This mission is accomplished by bringing together a network of providers under an MCC case manager and social work team to facilitate health and wellness, employment, education and training, housing, financial assistance, family support and spiritual being.

What would you do with 100 volunteer hours and $5,000?

Volunteers are a crucial part of peer support for our clients. Employment is the key to moving forward, and we need volunteers to mentor and bring their support. We have a Warriors Working Program that supports workplace readiness. As for the $5,000, we would designate that for shoes. Many of those we serve do not have the correct shoes to go to work, nor wallets to carry identification.