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Christian Services Inc. — THRIVE

Christian Services Inc. — THRIVE

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Breaking the shackles of bondage through the Living Word.

Christian Services Inc. — THRIVE is a multi-faceted ministry through which men and women can come together from individual churches and organizations to demonstrate love to a world of people who are in bondage to poverty, ignorance, anger, frustration and loneliness.

For some, CSI offers a controlled environment in which to be separated from their old lifestyles while they learn new values and habits. For others, it is a place where a high standard of values and conduct is lifted up as an example,

An example of our work was a distressed mother who had accumulated an enormous amount of debt. The mounting letters and calls from debt-collection agencies had consumed her ability to focus on her job, her role as a mother, and made even day-to-day tasks frustrating. Initially, we were contacted because she was contemplating bankruptcy and had no idea if it would help or hurt — she just knew she could not continue to live that way. We introduced the mother to our volunteer financial planner/educator, who was able to dismantle her primary fear that this mountain of debt was too big to tackle. The initial session alone removed the anxiety and regret that her life had taken on. Follow-up meetings included a plan of action and accountability along the way.

This type of care is unique to THRIVE: It allows us to incorporate “personal care” time that some organizations are not equipped or prepared to provide.

The Mission

Breaking the shackles of bondage through the Living Word. Our goal is to see a unified Body of Christ reaching souls and helping those in need. THRIVE does this by equipping the community through financial education and serving as a liaison between financial services and the consumer.

What Would You Do with $5,000 and a Day of Service?

The $5,000 would allow THRIVE to purchase, for each participant, a half-binder, personal calculator, 12-pack of mechanical pencils, durable receipt holders, envelopes for students’ bill-management systems, and calendars. A day of service would allow us to host community financial education workshops for area schools and low-income housing areas.