Veronica Holmes
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Veronica Holmes

Who knew that a little brown girl from Eden, North Carolina would grow up to be affectionately known as America’s mom? Her calming spirit and bright personality puts smiles on the faces of millions of people around the world. She’s known for her vegan food reviews, cooking videos, and encouraging social media posts. Her aura travels through our computer screens and televisions, hugging us with light and peace.

Mrs. Tabitha Brown is an actress, entrepreneur, TV personality, author, restaurant owner, and social media influencer. Although she wears many hats, she most enjoys being an amazing wife, mother, sister, and friend.

“Hello, there! Y’all alright? Honey, yes…very good.” That is always how her videos begin. She greets viewers with a warm greeting with a grand, big smile that can brighten anyone’s day. With four million followers on Instagram and almost five million followers on TikTok, Mrs. Tabitha inspires individuals to be positive, loving, and graceful. I discovered a video of her transforming carrots into tasty bacon slices. I began to binge watch other videos, and soon, I found myself smiling really big just like her. I needed that. 2020 was filled with so much uncertainty and unrest. Like so many others, we needed a warm virtual hug.

I am so inspired and proud by her success. She’s an African American woman who genuinely loves people and cares about them. This is exemplified through her cooking, fitness, and inspirational videos. She has a children’s show that streams on YouTube. When the show was announced, Mrs. Tabitha Brown confessed, “I feel I have been called to heal the world, and healing the world starts with children.” She’s the author of Feeding The Soul (Because It’s My Business), and she is co-owner of Kale My Name (a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, California). She’s been featured in several magazines, shows, and major projects. Her grace, class, and radiance speaks volumes. She is light and love personified.

Serena Williams once stated, “The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.” Without a doubt, Mrs. Tabitha Brown inspires me to chase my dreams and live a life of love, light, and fun. Having a positive mindset, like Mrs. Tabitha, will produce joy and peace in my life. If people lived by her example, the world would be a much better place!

One day, I would love to meet her, so I can thank her for inspiring me to be better and do better! I would also thank her for helping me (and millions of people) through some of the tough times of life! I would thank her for being that glimmer of hope!