Madison Williams
Category: 2021 High School Winner

Madison Williams

A hero is defined as a person having courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities. In honor of black history month, it’s only right that I honor my African American hero. He is selfless, he is hard-working, but most importantly, he is my father. Prentice Williams puts his family & community before everything else, which is why I immediately wanted to write this essay about him.

He teaches free CPR classes and also mentors young men. He is a great family man and was one of few African Americans to be hired by a local fire department. I look up to this man because he is ambitious and achieves anything he puts his mind to. One of my dad’s main goals is to become chief at the fire department he works at. He wanted to show the community that people from backgrounds like his and people who look like him can accomplish any goal possible. I also would like to influence people and have young people envision their success. My father makes me want to strive to be a well-rounded person. As I prepare for college, I will use my father’s motivation to excel in school and stay at the top of my class. I plan to become a doctor and return to my hometown and open up an office to help anyone, regardless of age, race, or financial need. I know that many people can’t afford to go to the doctor’s, so I want to have an office open for everyone. I will be attending the College of Charleston, majoring in biology and later moving on to the Medical University of South Carolina. My office will allow underprivileged children to get better and feel safe while having an influential figure to look up to.

As of 2012, my father started a new chapter in his life and started working at the Surfside Beach Fire Department and held the position of Captain. My father worked hard to get in this position, inspiring me to have the same motivation and push myself. I know I will face hardships along the way, but my payoff will come if I stick it out. This brings me to his recent accomplishment of being appointed Chief of the Surfside Beach Fire Department. My father got to where he is now through hard work and dedication. He kept pushing himself and never gave up but instead went the extra mile. My father knew it was his passion to help people in need, and he has inspired me to want to help people, which is why I will become a pediatrician one day.

There are lots of influential African American people who I could have written about, but my father is by far the most influential man in my life who I admire and respect. I am proud to say that I wouldn’t be the proud black young woman I am today without my father, and I am forever thankful for him.