Kathy Lovell accepts the Above and Beyond Award for Regions

Kathy Lovell accepts the Above and Beyond Award for Regions.

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Regions Receives ‘Above and Beyond’ Award

City of Birmingham cites Regions for ongoing ADA efforts and improvements to make headquarters more accessible for customers and associates.

The Birmingham City Council presented Regions with the 2016 The City of Birmingham Above and Beyond Accessibility Award this week, as part of a ceremony recognizing businesses, individuals and agencies that “have gone beyond the normal requirements for providing accommodations and advocacy efforts for persons with disabilities” in 2016.

Kathy Lovell, Americans with Disabilities Act Manager for Regions, accepted the award.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be involved and to be pro-active,” Lovell said. “We feel we are giving individuals with disabilities an opportunity to be independent and to bank with ease at Regions. We are giving back and making life better for individuals so that they have access to all opportunities, which is what we strive for.”

Regions was recognized alongside other agencies, including the Salvation Army.

In 2016 alone, Regions’ outreach efforts backed by Human Resources impacted potential hiring of persons with disabilities. Efforts included participating in the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services Career Fair, conducting mock interviews during the Easter Seals Boot Camp and joining the Alabama Governor’s Summit on Disability.

Regions also made the Regions Center, which was already ADA compliant, even more easily accessible for customers and associates. Improvements included:

  • Redesigning and resurfacing a 19-space parking lot across from the Regions Center to serve as a designated accessible parking lot for customers and associates with disabilities.
  • Collaborating with the City of Birmingham, which owns the sidewalk, to build a new ramp connecting the sidewalk level to the Regions Center’s main floor, allowing better access.
  • Installing automatic doors on all sides of the main floor.

For more information regarding accessible banking products and services, visit Accessible Banking at Regions website: https://www.regions.com/about_regions/regions_accessible_banking.rf

State Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison, who recognized Regions’ focus, stated “Regions has done so much, particularly with products and services, and parking. You’ve gone beyond the normal requirements. We’d like to recognize Regions as a business that goes above and beyond.”

“I appreciate Regions for giving us the opportunity to make life better,” Lovell said. “Everyone wants to do their own banking. Putting in these products and services, by making facilities accessible and user friendly, allows for independence for everyone.”