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Regions Bank Social Responsibility Report Highlights Passion to Do More for the Good of Communities

Stories show how Regions associates live the company’s core values and make a meaningful difference for others.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Regions Bank today announced the release of its Social Responsibility Report – a testament to how the bank worked in 2017 to make life better for the communities it serves. The report, titled “Doing More,” shares examples of how Regions helped to meet needs, support growth and transform communities across the South, Midwest and Texas.

“From visually impaired children riding a bike for the first time, to affordable new homes being built in underserved neighborhoods, Regions was a part of so many good things in 2017,” said Lajuana Bradford, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility for Regions. “This report gives readers a look at how our associates, customers and community partners impacted lives.”

A video library highlighting many of Regions’ community activities is available on the Regions Financial YouTube channel. Examples of Regions “Doing More” featured in the Social Responsibility Report include:

Thanks to the Woodlawn Foundation, one of Birmingham, Alabama’s most historic neighborhoods has new life and hope for generations to come.

An area 15 blocks long by several blocks deep on the north side of the railroad that first defined Alabama’s largest city, suburban Woodlawn boomed before World War II, full of   young families and excitement. A decade later, new Interstates hemmed Woodlawn in, changing the neighborhood that was home to Woodlawn Community President Myeisha Hutchinson, her grandmother and multiple generations.

Today, Hutchinson is seeing a rapid reformation thanks to the investment of the Woodlawn Foundation and community partners, including Regions Bank. Initiatives to    meet community needs and break the cycle of poverty include an early learning center, a magnet school and affordable housing. Regions provided financing for the Wood Station mixed-use housing development through a Low Income Housing Tax Credit. The bank also donated property for revitalization efforts.

“We started five years ago. Now we’re in the toddler stage, moving to adolescence,” said Hutchinson. “What we’re doing in Woodlawn is for the next generation and for generations to come.”

See more of this story on the Regions Financial YouTube Channel.

John Daniels’ job is to focus on Mississippi State University students and provide them the tools they need to manage their money wisely. But his vision extends past the campus.

“My goal is to reach the entire student body and go beyond, touching our alumni and students’ parents,” said Daniels, the first to serve as Financial Literacy Coordinator at the university in Starkville.

To reach Daniels’ goal, Mississippi State has teamed with Regions Bank and EverFi to provide free financial education to any MSU student who is interested. Regions provides support through expertise and volunteers while EverFi, a nationally renowned education technology company, provides an online learning program called Transit – Financial Wellness™ that can be used anywhere with access to the internet.

During the 2016-2017 school year, 8,455 Mississippi State students participated in Transit.

See more of this story on the Regions Financial YouTube Channel.

Sitting on a bike, the second-grader wears a pink outfit and a determined look.

“Riding a bike makes me a brave girl,” Kiarra says. “Here. I’ll show you.”

The bike is stationary, but the feat is unique. Through the work of Nine13sports, Kiarra and fellow students at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired were recently introduced to the joy and freedom of pedaling through a partnership with Regions Bank. The nonprofit promotes health and wellness among school-aged children and uses technology to give an exercise outlet to many who’ve never had the opportunity.

Tom Hanley, founder and CEO of Nine13sports, is a four-time USA Cycling National Champion. He’s also a survivor. In 2010, Hanley and 14 others were injured in a commercial vehicle crash, which killed his best friend. Hanley suffered broken vertebrae and a brain injury, ending his career as a competitive cyclist. Now, he shares his love for cycling with students.

See more of this story on the Regions Financial YouTube Channel.

In 2017, Regions supported hundreds of organizations through grants, donations, charitable contributions and sponsorships. As part of Regions’ support of community engagement, the company provides associates a paid day off each year to volunteer. Regions associates also participate in “Share the Good” initiatives, joint service activities ranging from Habitat for Humanity projects to food drives, financial education classes, random acts of kindness and other events.

The complete “Doing More” 2017 Social Responsibility Report is available on the Regions website at

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