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Money Management Basics and the Regions Tradition

Financial literacy coach Eric Smith talks about saving more and spending wisely, adding a new dimension to the 2019 Regions Tradition.

Financial Literacy? At a golf tournament?

You bet.

“I would always encourage you to strive to spend less than you make,” financial literacy coach Eric Smith told a crowd gathered at the first tee of the Regions Tradition. “Unfortunately, this sounds so simple. But the reality is that most of the pro athletes I’ve met, most of the people I’ve met on this journey, tend to spend more than they actually make.”

Working with Regions, Smith’s message wasn’t aimed at PGA TOUR Champions golfers. Instead, he addressed an audience of college students to discuss how to get a jump start on financial wellness. Smith provides financial guidance to professional athletes year-round. Regions works with him to reach college students with financial education before they launch their careers – whether they’re pursuing pro sports or any number of other professions.

“It’s an opportunity to really bring first-class golf to the community. But it’s also a great event to promote one of the three key philanthropic priorities that we have,” said Leroy Abrahams, head of Community Affairs for Regions. “We talk about economic development. We talk about educational work-force readiness. And we also talk about financial literacy.”

Learn more about this event and the impact it made on local college students in the video above, as well as in the story linked here.