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Irma: Restoration and Recovery

As the massive storm hit Florida, Regions focused on keeping life normal for impacted customers and communities.

In South Florida, tropical weather systems are all too common. Yet, from the outset, the scope and magnitude of Hurricane Irma set this storm apart. Not since Charley struck 13 years earlier had the state faced such a scenario in which the entirety of the Florida peninsula was in the projected path.

“Irma was a little different than any other hurricane I’ve experienced,” said Dan Eveloff, the Ft. Myers/Naples City President for Regions Banks. “And it was heading directly for us.”

As Irma ravaged the length of the state of Florida, impacting both coasts, Regions was preparing for a response.

For customers from banks across the region, that meant access to cash to pay for essentials, getting branches open and helping with daily financial needs.

It also meant taking care of Regions’ own associates impacted by the storm. Regions gave away resources and emergency supplies, including 1,000 gallons of gas, 4,200 bags of ice, 32 tanks of propane and 12 generators.

“Once we realized that we had surplus resources, we immediately engaged local law enforcement and first responders to thank them for their support of our community, and what they’ve done for us for so many years,” Eveloff said.

At Regions’ Lely-area branch in Naples, Branch Manager Priscilla Jones-Cotton had one concern.

“I think it’s giving customers a sense of normalcy – that we’re here to help assist them regardless of what they’re going through,” she said.

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