When nurses at United Memorial Medical Center needed help getting to work, Majid Rizvi came to the rescue.

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Heroes in Houston

In Harvey’s aftermath, ensuring safety of associates and stability for customers was job No. 1.

As Hurricane Harvey stalled above Houston, dropping inch after record-inch of rain, Keala Speaks was forced to seek higher ground.

“Once the water started coming over the mattress, that’s when I started screaming, ‘Somebody help us!’” Speaks said.

A few miles away, Majid Rizvi watched television coverage as the storm unfolded and the situation grew dire. His house was dry, but he knew he was the exception. How could he help?

A call to a local hospital provided a problem. Nurses were working 16-hour shifts at
Houston’s United Memorial Medical Center, and needed relief. But flooding made travel dangerous – and, for many, impossible.

Rizvi had a solution: A big truck that, he felt, had ground clearance to get through. So he put on his high boots, got in the truck, and said, “Let’s see what we can do,” then began taking nurses to the hospital from across Metro Houston.

Recently, the External Affairs team traveled to Houston to talk to Speaks, Rizvi and other Regions associates about Houston’s storm of the century and how the company responded.

Take just a few minutes to watch this compelling video, and see Regions’ mission in action.

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