Denham Springs nametags

The Denham Springs nametags are spread out, signifying the branch family remains united.

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“A Building is a Building, but We Are Family”

The cleanup begins in South Louisiana as Regions associates come together to help those impacted by floods.

As the water began to recede at the Denham Springs branch Wednesday, Nicole Elmore and Roxie Martinez were ready to go in and survey the damage at their workplace following unprecedented floods in South Louisiana.

What they found was disheartening. Chairs overturned. Papers scattered. Windows broken by the pressure of the rising waters. A child’s picture that had been on a desk scattered to the debris in another office.

Water remained, coated by a layer of gas and oil.

Yet, amid the chaos they found calm. Elmore, the branch manager, and Martinez, a valuable member of the Denham Springs team, started searching and collecting the individual name tags of 18 co-workers, then took a photo. For these two, this effort was symbolic.

“This was just a way to remind everyone that we’re still in this together,” Elmore said. “A building is a building, but we are family.”

And right now, the Denham Springs family and Regions associates throughout areas of South Louisiana impacted by the floods are hurting.

Area Marketing Manager Paula Bradley knew that many of the associates who had lost access to their workplace also had bigger concerns at home. Too many homes in Livingston Parish have been destroyed by the floodwaters.

So Bradley brought in fresh water, toothpaste and toothbrushes from her office in Baton Rouge. From Denham Springs, Martinez took the supplies to co-workers scattered throughout the community.

“We’re all broken right now,” Elmore said. “Homes are underwater. People don’t have access to necessities. Still, everyone is coming together. Baton Rouge has been through so much lately. But we are here to help one another. We are unified. This is really who Baton Rouge is.”

For anyone interested in helping those impacted by the South Louisiana floods, Regions will accept financial donations for the American National Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund at all Regions branch locations throughout the South, Midwest, and Texas. Customers and concerned individuals can visit any Regions branch location to make a donation; simply ask for the American National Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund account.

Regions is also offering a variety of financial services to help people in South Louisiana as flood recovery gets underway. Special offers include:

  • Unsecured personal lines of credit to help with flood recovery
  • Penalty-free withdrawals from CDs
  • Personal and business loan payment deferrals
  • A dedicated team to assist customers who have difficulties making payments on loans, lines of credit or credit cards
  • Special discounts available for new business term loans

Customers, individuals and business owners can also access the Regions Disaster Resource Center housed on to learn how Regions can assist individuals and businesses that face financial challenges. The Disaster Resource Center provides a clearinghouse of information and tools, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Resources include important contact information, articles, a financial checklist, details on Regions’ assistance programs, and links to relevant outside agencies and organizations.

Further information can be obtained by visiting a local Regions branch or calling 1-800-REGIONS.

Regions is also offering help to its associates impacted by the flooding. Regions has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the Regions Associate Assistance Fund. This fund provides financial assistance above-and-beyond what our normal benefits allow to associates during temporary times of personal hardship such as this disaster. Associates affected by the flooding can contact their Human Resources Manager for more information about this program.

Regions associates have expressed a desire to help and can make a donation to the Regions Associate Assistance Fund, which benefits associates impacted by this disaster. Those donations can be made at any Regions Bank office.